Blood gas capillaries plastic
In vitro diagnostic medical device for capillary blood collection for pH/blood gas, oximetry, electrolyte and metabolite analysis
KABE LABORTECHNIK Blood gas capillaries plastic feature even coating with balanced heparin and an optimized blood flow. The special treatment of the plastic blood gas capillaries with anticoagulant provides the basis for prevention of blood clotting during blood collection. This facilitates the diagnostic process on modern analysers.
The risk of injury and infection for all participants during the blood collection process is minimized thanks to the unbreakable and flexible construction of the plastic blood gas capillaries.
KABE LABORTECHNIK blood gas capillaries plastic are made of chemically neutral plastic with minimal gas-permeability. For all intended uses in which glass capillaries would be a safety risk, plastic blood gas capillaries are the optimum solution