Westmed offers a broad range of blood gas sampling products that incorporate OSHA/FDA-recommended safety features for needlestick protection and the best dry heparin anticoagulation technology.

A-Line™ Arterial Blood Gas Sampler

Accurate and economical, the A-Line™ Arterial Blood Gas Sampler assures simplicity and safety in blood gas handling.  The dual-function, vented syringe allows the user to choose either the pre-set plunger mode or manual aspiration.  Powdered dry balanced lithium/zinc heparin provides rapid anticoagulation, eliminates CO2 dilution error, and has virtually no impact on electrolytes
Features & Benefits

Powdered heparin dispensed throughout the syringe barrel ensures a clot free sample
Dry heparin eliminates pC02 dilution error
Balanced Lithium/Zinc heparin formulation has virtually no impact on blood gas and electrolyte measurements
Vented syringes for arterial line sampling eliminate pre-analytical pO2 errors
Controlled silicone coating in syringe barrel prevents analyzer electrode issues
Sheathed Blunt Tip Cannula is designed for use with closed, needleless, arterial blood sampling systems
Cord Gas sampling kits enable arterial/venous testing
Neonatal sampling kits promote blood/fluid conservation