Audicom AC6601 HbA1c analyzer
Accurate Principle of Methodology
Adopts classical and accurate principle of methodology – Ion exchange liquid chromatography, It is the gold standard of HbA1C analysis, and it is the only analysis method to really separate HbA1C directly by measuring the piecemeal absorbance through continuous test on line,and obtain the correct area percentage with integration.
Accurate separation 4-gradient elution
The novel 4-gradient elution for HbA1C can separate accurately glycated hemoglobin with 4-gradient elution of corresponding concentration reagent aiming at HbA1C instead of routine elution process produced by high and low concentration mixture.
High Separation Liquid Chromatographic Column
High separation liquid chromatographic column made of imported resin with volume of Φ 9mm x 45mm and weight of 2.5g which is 15 – 20 times greater than general micro chromatographic column. High efficiency chromatographic column for 300 tests ensure the accuracy of test results.
High Sensitivity 415nm LED Integral Photometer
High sensitivity 415nm LED integral photometer has the characteristics of correct wavelength, stable light source, full aluminum alloy structure, high anti-interference performance, multi-lens focusing, micro cuvettes and high sensitivity. It can record accurately analysis curve.