Model AC9801
Measured parameters K+,Na+,Cl-,Ca2+,pH
Calculated parameters nCa, TCa
Measurement time 25 seconds
Sample volume 100 μL
Memory 10000 анализов
Communication interface RS232
Display LCD 240*64 мм
Printer Integral 58 мм
Power supply AC220V±22V 50Hz 50W
Dimensions 380mmX290mmX310mm
The weight  6 kg
Method of measurement Principle of measurement: ion-selective electrode (ISE)
Environmental conditions Temperature: 10°C~32°C, relative humidity: ≤85%


Measured item Measurement scope Resolving power Precision
K+ 0.50-15.00 0.01 CV≤1.0%
Na+ 30.0—200.0 0.1 CV≤1.0%
Cl- 30.0—200.0 0.1 CV≤1.0%
Ca2+ 0.10—5.00 0.01 CV≤1.0%
pH 4.00—9.00 0.01 CV≤1.0%